2013 Thailand Exhibit at the Irvine Global Village Festival, September 28

Thank you to all of our friends who visited our exhibit booth at the 2013 Irvine Global Village Festival at Bill Barber Park, Irvine, California. We brought the rich and colorful culture of Thailand to you, your friends and family. Our booth received a constant stream of visitors who enjoyed our amazing presentation. Our volunteers worked hard bringing Thai culture as well as bringing our “Siamese Smiles” to Irvine. We hope that you all enjoyed our exhibit!

We collaborated with Thai American Chamber of Commerce of California (TCCC) and received support from over 50 volunteers, from the Royal Thai Consulate-General (RTCG), Los Angeles as well as from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), US office to present you with many examples of amazing Thai Arts and Culture. Also it was our pleasure to welcome Tourism Authority of Thailand’s and Department of Public Health Service, Thailand’s booths at the 2013 IGVF.

Here are the many activities at our 2013 Thailand exhibit booth:

Live Fruit Carving Demonstration

Fruit Carving is one of Thailand’s traditional carving arts with a very long history. It is believed to have been originally taught and learned among the ladies in the royal palaces. This year a talented team of artists from Wat Buddhajakra-mongkol-ratanaram, Escondido who brought their expertise in carving various fruits and vegetables into artistic masterpiece bouquets. The vibrant colors of these carved flowers brought uniqueness to our presentation, attracting thousands of visitors to our booth.

Live Krathong (float) Demonstration

The krathong is made for the Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand. The festival takes place in the 12th month of Thailand’s lunar calendar (in November). The artists used fabric, corn husk and banana leaf folding it into a various shapes of flower petals. The petals were attached to the flat rounded shape craft base to make the krathong.

Presentation of Loy Krathong Festival (Water Float)

The Loy Krathong Festival is celebrated in Thailand in order to pay respect to the legendary Goddess of Water “Mae Phra Kong Kha” who provides water and to ask for her forgiveness for polluting water. Some people believe that floating a Krathong will float their misfortunes away. Many visitors enjoyed having their photographs taken with volunteers who dressed up in Sukhothai period costumes and holding the beautiful Krathong in their hands.

Live Thai Classical Dances and Musical Instrument (Khim) performed by the UCI Thai Club

Many visitors to the exhibit area enjoyed a beautiful Thai Classical Dance performed by members of the UCI Thai club who shared their love in preserving traditional culture. The musician played Thai classical music on the Khim (hammered dulcimer giving a nice atmosphere as if being in Thailand!)

The Art of Muay Thai Presentation

Visitors enjoyed the Wai Kru demonstration (the ancient tradition of a respect and a tribute to the Muay Thai master), the arts of Muay Thai boxing presenting sacred gear and the history of Muay Thai.

In addition to the activities at our booth, many visitors also enjoyed On Stage Cultural Demonstrations which were presented by a Thai classical dance group from Wat Thai, L.A, Narttasin Thai Dance Group, L.A. and Muay Thai Academy led by Kru Surapuk Jamjantr.

So, we hope that you enjoyed our display of beautiful Thai Arts and Culture, and also saw fine examples of other interesting cultures at the Irvine Global Village Festival!

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